5 comments on “Week 6 Blog Assignment: Analyzing Scope Creep

    • Hey
      Beside the recommendations already made, I think due to the global and national scope of the project it is important to soliciting expert opinion from stakeholders from the not only the corporate project team but involve input from all affiliations. More specific to the US facilities I would make sure satellite organizations were represented on the team and to assess project risks specific to their facility.

  1. I really like that up you include videos in your post it gives me a different view of how you interpret things through someone else’s teaching. I agree with your guidelines and would just add to make sure everything is being documented everything from meetings minutes to offline conversations this is to ensure and back yourself up in any position.

  2. I think that this was one of the most well thought out blog posts I have read yet! Looking back on projects always remind you of what could have and should have gone differently. I do agree with you that if your company had told you about the glitches and other issues users were still having something could have been done about it to make the program better. I feel that communication is always an issue when it comes to big businesses, what do you think? Great post this week!

    • I think so, outside of the planning department, I did not associate with many people and it was like we were in our own tiny world. I do recall talk of animosity among departments (i.e. planning – sales); how real or playful this was I don’t know…but there was definitely some friction at times.

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